Don't let your drain block up!

If your sewer or stormwater drains are blocked. Call Us Now!

Clearing a blocked drain and repairing it can be done in 4 easy steps.

Using our high pressure water jetting unit we are able to clear your blocked drain.
The most common source of blocked drains is tree roots. Once we clear the blockage with the jetter we are then able to use a specialised CCTV unit to pinpoint the exact cause of the blocked drain.

By utilising a CCTV we can get a clear picture of the exact location and cause of the blocked drain. Our CCTV unit can go inside pipes from 50mm to 225mm in diameter.

A full written report can be supplied including a DVD. By utilising this report we are then able to offer various solutions to rectify the problem of the blocked drain.

We offer various repair methods that are applicable to different situations. Not all repair solutions are possible or cost effective all the time. Repair methods include:    
     - Conventional dig and replace methods. Excavation of a collapsed sewer line or raising an Inspection Opening to ground level for further maintenance.
     - Root foaming treatments. RootX is a product installed in the pipe after jetting has been completed that slows the root regrowth for 12 months. The product comes in powder form and when mixed with water expands into a foam killing only what it comes in contact with. Further treatments are required at 12 month intervals which we can setup and maintain for your convenience.
     - Pipe Relining and pipe patching. If you have got a cracked or broken pipe letting tree roots in or almost about to collapse pipe relining could be the answer. Pipe relining has been around for about 40 years now but only in recent times has the smaller domestic market been offered this solution for blocked drains. By installing a felt or fibreglass material soaked in Epoxy resin over the damaged section and letting it cure in place (CIPP), you repair the pipe without the need for excavation. Don't dig up your driveway or bathroom floor, give us a call and let us help you fix your broken pipe without digging.

Continue reading for more information about pipe relining

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Pipe Relining & Patching

Pipe Patching Sydney & Blue Mountains
Pipe patching is great for those one off spot repairs that don't require the whole line to be repaired. Pipe patching is a repair made up of a special fibreglass mat wetted out with specifically made epoxy resin. Once the fibreglass is wetted out it is wrapped around a bladder/packer and pushed into the pipeline to where the repair is required. Once in position the bladder is inflated to the diameter of the pipe and the repair is left in position until the resin has cured. Once cured the bladder is deflated and pulled out leaving the repair over the troubled spot. The repair is 100% water tight and stronger than brand  new PVC making sure those roots won't enter again.

Pipe Patch After pipe repair
Pipe Patch Before pipe repair

         Pipe Patch Before                                              Pipe Patch After

Pipe Relining Sydney & Blue Mountains
Pipe relining is a process used to completely renew a full length of sewer or storm water line. We are able to repair 100mm - 225mm lines up to 40m in length. The liner material comes pre manufactured to the correct diameter, once the length of repair is determined the liner material is cut to length and the 100% solids epoxy resin is introduced to the inside of the material. The epoxy resin is then rolled out through the material until it is evenly distributed. Now the material is wound into an inverter (air chamber) where air pressure builds up and blows the material into the pipeline. A balloon is then blown through the inside of the material in the pipe and left inflated until the resin cures. Once cured the balloon is deflated and pulled out leaving the repaired line structurally stronger than brand new PVC plus it is now joint free. Nowhere for the roots to enter!

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The products installed come with a lifetime expectancy of over 50 years. Actual testing of the products say that it is more likely to be around 90 years plus that the product will last.
We offer pipe relining and pipe patchingservices to the whole Sydney and Blue Mountains areas.